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All the providers I hace had care for me at thorough, creative, and dedicated to helping me have a higher quality of life. 

My main experience was during chemo, radiation, and a surgery for breast cancer. I am able to say I only missed 1 extra day of work and was never nauseous once during both chemo and radiation. I did not experience the exhaustion you and I feared would occur and I had a very busy job teaching. 

I have been receiving healthcare from the caring practitioners at Holistic Medical Clinic for two decades. The medical and therapeutic professionals have consistently provided a high level of service throughout that time. Dr. Beth stays current with breaking research and always has a new treatment approach to suggest when new issues arise with my chronic health conditions. I give her a lot of credit for my current state of wellness. She has never given up and always has pulled a new "trick" out of her bag that keeps me going at an optimal state. 

Another strength of the Holistic Medical Clinic is the therapeutic professionals on staff. The massage therapist is the best in the business. The physical therapist offers cutting edge techniques that offer relief the rest of the world is just catching on to. And kudos to the mangement of the clinic for having the vision to support the only Feldenkrais body movement therapy practitioner in Fairbanks, and also offering a home to the interior's best Pilates studio. 

This testimonial would not be complete without mentioning the hihgly competant and friendly office staff, all of who make visiting the clinic a pleasure.

Providers seen: Dr. Beth, Leslie Markham LMT, Peg Schaffhauser PT, Russell Walker, Ann Turner



Robbie White

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