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Top Questions


What is a Naturopathic Doctor?

Naturopathic doctors are primary care doctors. They practice holistic medicine, which treats an individual as a whole person (mind, body, and spirit). They seek to find the underlying cause of an illness and to support the body to heal itself. Their remedies include: dietary counseling, herbal remedies, Homeopathy, vitamins and mineral supplements and other natural therapies. 

Does insurance cover your services?

Most plans cover Naturopathic medicine, counseling, acupuncture, and massage therapy if prescribed by a doctor. You need to call your health insurance provider and check if your particular plan has coverage. Our office is happy to assist you with this process if needed. 

Does your office bill secondary insurances?

Yes. Our office will submit to your secondary health insurance plan, providing we have complete insurance coverage information from you. 

What type of ailments do we address?

Naturopathic doctors are trained as family primary health care practitioners and are happy to work with you on both acute and chronic ailments. As such they are trained to diagnose, treat and work with natural as well as conventional medical protocols. They will use the latest techniques, laboratory testing and if necessary refer patients to other specialists as required on each individual case. 

Do we work with children?

Yes, we are happy to work with patients of all ages. Our counselor Olivia Foote only sees patients age 13 and up. 

Do we have handicap accessible offices?

Yes we do. There is a marked parking stall right in front of the clinic with a direct access handicapped entrance right next to it. Please let our front desk know in advance so we can be sure to have a first floor office ready.  

Can Naturopathic doctors write prescriptions?

Not at this time in Alaska. They are able however to prescribe supplements and botanicals. The Alaska Association of Naturopathic Physicians is working to gain prescriptive rights in Alaska to match the scope of practice in other states. 

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