Dr Suzette Mailloux received her bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry from UAF and her doctorate in naturopathic medicine at National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) in Portland Oregon. During her clinical years at NCNM Dr Mailloux interned at multiple Portland community clinics that provided care to underserved populations including homeless and at risk youth. She also completed a specialty internship in women’s medicine under Dr Kimberly Windstar. After graduating, Dr Mailloux completed a yearlong residency in family medicine at the Alaska Center for Natural Medicine.
As a family practitioner Dr Mailloux welcomes men and women of all ages into her practice. Dr Mailloux uses a variety of treatments that include herbal medicine, vitamins, minerals and nutritional support, homeopathic remedies, amino acid support, and lifestyle counseling. Her naturopathic license allows her to order lab work and imaging, and to perform physical exams. She is a strong supporter of integrative medicine, and is happy to work with your medical doctor.
Dr Mailloux strives to treat each patient as a whole person rather than a set of symptoms and diagnoses. Long lasting wellness is only achieved when we address the cause of disease rather than the symptoms.

Practice focus
·    Women’s health and hormonal balancing
·    Adrenal and thyroid gland dysfunction
·    Food intolerances
·    Fertility
·    Digestive health ranging from heartburn to ulcerative colitis
·    Neurotransmitter testing and the use of amino acid therapy and supplements to treat anxiety, depression, addiction, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorders